Monday, July 29, 2013

3 Months

Our sweet Lucy girl is three months old! She is growing so fast that we can hardly keep up...

Lucy at 3 months:

- She is very talkative... She loves to make sounds, and I'm pretty sure she thinks we can understand her.
- She is extremely curious and interested in everything that is going on around her. 
- She sleeps in her crib like a big girl. 
- She is getting better at holding her head up. When we put her in the Bumbo seat, she can support her neck and look around the room. 
- She has discovered her hands, and she could spend hours just trying to figure them out. She hasn't discovered her feet yet, but I'm sure the day is coming. 

We are so in love with this little girl. She has such a goofy little personality, and I can already tell that she loves to make us laugh. I can't believe she is already three months old!!!

P.S. Sorry about the photo quality. I took these with my phone, and they are terribly out of focus... Still, they're too cute not to share :)

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