Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend, I celebrated my 25th birthday. I can't believe I am a quarter-century old! Ha.

{my mom made this amazing almond cake for me... swoon}

We celebrated with a little sushi dinner at my favorite spot in town. The rest of the weekend was so relaxing. We took several walks around our neighborhood, where the fall colors are still beautiful. My mom spoiled us by cooking amazing dinners for us to eat. We still have plenty of leftovers :)

Unfortunately, we had to take her to the airport this afternoon. I don't know how I will be able to make it to Thanksgiving, when we will be reunited with our whole, wonderful family. 

So far, 25 has been a great year. My heart is full of love and awe over all the blessings in our lives. Thanks, friends and family (you're all family, really) for being such an unconditional source of support and encouragement to us always. I cherish all of you in my heart. 


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