Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Modern Bachelor

Yesterday afternoon, we went to see my brother's house. John is 21, and he lives in a house with two other college guys. I don't know about you, but when I think about my college dwelling places, good design is not something that even comes to mind. So when I stepped into my brother's house and saw the intentionality and careful thought that went into every detail, I was rather surprised. This further reinforces my belief in the power of good design, regardless of how much you spend. John's house didn't feel temporary. It didn't feel like a place where college students might live. It felt like a home. A manly bachelor pad? Sure. But also a home.

Here's one for the modern bachelor.

The front door.

The dining room. I love the National Geographic magazines and the mix-matched kitchen chairs.

Almost everything in the house was found at second-hand shops.

I think the vintage piano is my favorite thing in the house. Besides the light.

The mid-century credenza belonged to my Great Aunt May. I had my eye on it, but John got it first!

Vinyl collection in wooden produce crates.

The kitchen is such a cool, funky room. I love the blue.

The inside of the cupboard is painted a great melon color.

The living room. The wooden floors are painted a grey-blue.

I laughed when I saw that he had this print. John said, "Great life philosophy... Maybe not such a great wartime philosophy."

Love the milk glass.

The back yard. 

Hope you are all enjoying your holiday! We are cooking a pot of chili for dinner tonight, and I think we may watch a flick later.

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